lgotipo cognitive robots


Our mission is to provide integral solutions for the automating of service vehicles through the use of scientific innovations to cognitive processes.

Our solution is in a form of a cognitive brain that can be attached to any vehicle. It consists of hardware and patented software that combines traditional techniques in the field of robotics with the latest cognitive solutions. The cognitive brain provides an autonomous solution tailored to specific application.

The principal customers are manufacturers of industrial floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, security robots, lawn mowers, industrial trucks, etc.

The objective of Cognitive Robots is that its customers add value by including the latest technology in service robots to its product line.


Cognitive Robots provides a great working environment for its staff that encourages creativity and new ideas for innovative product solutions.

We work with our customers to increase their competitive advantage, increase sales and profitability . We help them transition from manual to tele-operated and to fully automated driving.

We help the end users by creating products to assist in everyday home and work environment that eliminate routine tasks and save costs.

We contribute to the community by creating quality jobs and high technology products.

We offer our investors financial transparency with strong corporate governance.

We take care of the planet through ethical environmental practices and by creating products that foster sustainabilty.


Cognitive Robots SL is a spin off of the research group- Cognition for Robotic Research (C4R2)- a part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University Jaume I in Castellon, Spain. The company is privately held with the University Jaume I as one of its shareholders. Its principal office is located in the Science Technology and Business Park of the University (ESPAITEC)

The company obtained a NEOTECgrant from CDTI (Development Center for Industrial Technology) in 2007.

Our technology is the result of 15 years of research and development.


Cognitive Robots is a R&D driven manufacturing company whose principal objective is to enable our clients gain access to the latest technology in service robots.

 We are commercializing our first product, the cognitive brain CR B100, by adapting it to the needs of our customers.

CR B100 was developed for commercial cleaning vehicles that function in supermarkets, commercial and industrial spaces, public buildings, car parks, etc. It is being adapted to lawn mowers and transport trucks. Given its versatility it can be incorporated into any commercial vehicle that is manual.  CR B100  provides flexibility to vehicles and enhances its competitive position in the market today.