lgotipo cognitive robots


What’s different about our technology?


Our cognitive brain can be incorporated into different commercial machines, turning them into autonomous vehicles.

Map building

The quantitative information of our system’s sensors is processed to obtain outstanding environment mapping.

Intelligent perception

The use of intelligent perception enables our machines to independently create different work situations by incorporating cognitive processes.

High level decision making

We have integrated widely used robotics methodology with our cognitive processes to optimize map planning and obstacle avoidance. The result is a technology that enables efficient decision making and continuous adaptation to changes in the environment.


Vehicles are fitted with systems for monitoring real time information of autonomous vehicles that include work status, location and other reports of user’s interest.


Systems are devised to be user friendly which does not require technical knowledge. The sensors guarantee security as they detect objects or human in their path and take necessary steps to obstacle avoidance.



CRB100 is the first in line of cognitive brain products for service robots. It can be installed in a wide range of commercial vehicles turning them into autonomous machines with enhancing intelligent features for specific functions.


With the integration of proprietary software based on human cognitive models and cutting edge hardware, we have combined traditional robotic functions with the latest cognitive abilities.


A machine is considered autonomous when it is capable of representing the environment by creating its own map, defining the optimum path, avoiding obstacles and being aware of its movements. Everything is executed independently without human intervention.


Humans use cognitive process to manage their daily environment which involves intelligent representation, reasoning and learning.


  • Perception and high level representation of the environment.
  • Autonomous map building, qualitative representation and reasoning.
  • Auto location
  • Path planning for task execution and navigation for obstacle avoidance.
  • External monitoring of machine status(task performed, battery charge etc)
  • Different grades of automation from assisted manual to tele operated to complete autonomous driving.


CRB 100 is a cognitive brain which consists of:

Hardware, comprising of laser, SONAR and infrared sensors with a contact and positioning encoding system; a set of micro-controllers that process data from the sensors and control the engines; a computer that runs the intelligent software. The hardware can be adapted to a number of different vehicles.

Software, which interprets the information received by the sensors, creating a map of the environment that allows the vehicle to plan a route and solve a complex array of tasks. Everything is done autonomously, with no human intervention.